Your First Visit and Beyond

First Visit. To find out if she can help you, Dr. Shaila will review your intake forms with you, ask questions and listen to your story. Non-invasive scans of your nervous system may be performed, as well as a thorough physical examination, including orthopedic testing, neurological testing, and an in-depth postural assessment. If necessary, X-rays and other testing or imaging may be requisitioned at this time. You will be requested to wear a gown, so please arrive in comfortable clothing where the top portion is easily removable. This visit will take 45 minutes. 


For young children, or those with special needs, Dr. Shaila may schedule a phone call with the parent or guardian prior to this visit. During this call, she will conduct the History portion (review of intake forms) of the First Visit and address any questions you may have to ensure increased comfort and ease for the child or individual during the in-office visit.


Second Visit. Dr. Shaila will sit down with you and review what she found on your first visit, as well as the findings from any additional testing or imaging requested. She will make her recommendations and answer all of your questions. This visit will take 30 minutes and includes time for an adjustment, if appropriate. 


Regular Adjustment Visit. A typical visit will be shorter, but just as important. These visits are scheduled for 15 minutes. If additional time is needed, this will be arranged for you. Dr. Shaila will assess your body and nervous system at each visit and provide the appropriate care you need to reach your goals and/or maintain optimal health. 


Progress Exam. This brief examination is necessary to compare where you are, with where you were. These exams are done regularly (every 12-24 visits) and are scheduled for 30 minutes.  At these visits, Dr. Shaila will have the opportunity to evaluate your progress and determine the best next course of action with you. You will be requested to wear a gown, so please arrive in comfortable clothing where the top portion is easily removable - just like on your first visit.