Postnatal Recovery

Chiropractic care after you deliver your baby is beneficial for all Moms. After your baby is born, your body will require time and care to reach its full potential, but you don’t come with a factory reset button - your body will be different and this can be intimidating and frustrating for many new Moms.


Postnatal Chiropractic care gently aides your body to find its new balance and healthy alignment. Particular focus is spent on the pelvis and its adjoining muscles, ligaments and tendons. In the first 8-12 weeks postpartum, the high levels of Relaxin hormone (which soften the ligaments of the body to allow delivery of your baby) start to decrease and your body begins to tighten up. This is a key time to visit your Postnatal Chiropractor to ensure that your pelvis and spinal structures are properly balanced.


Dr. Shaila will assess your postpartum concerns, use gentle adjustments to restore balance to your body and give exercise and rehabilitation recommendations to speed up recovery time, ensure proper healing and restore your body to a familiar state.